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Brand Ambassador Program

Company History

Avie’s Adventure was created in 2021 by an Educator with the belief that children should have the option to learn from characters in books that reflect their culture and ethnicity. As a result, the Avie’s Adventure book series was created to teach children through stories that affirms and inspires learning. We continue to expand our offerings from books to other learning materials.

Brand Ambassador Program

Avie’s Adventure is building an ambassador program that aligns with our brand values (education, affirmation, culture, and diversity). The program is designed to increase product awareness and support. 

We hope to establish long term relationships with ambassadors that are selected for our program and continue partnering with them as we add new products over time. Selection for our program is based on quality of photos, maintaining a public Instagram account, and a review of themes highlighted on each participant's account.

Our brand ambassadors can receive free Avie’s Adventure products and use them to create lifestyle content for social media within 2 weeks of receiving the products.

Ambassador Channels and Content

Our primary focus for ambassador content is Instagram (in-feed photos, Reels, and videos). We’ll partner with accounts that are willing to create a range of original lifestyle photos and videos that highlight engagement and use of our products.

In partnering with our brand, we ask to review the photography and captions before the images are posted. All posts should include #aviesadventure and @aviesadventure in the caption.

Ambassadors agree to allow their images and video to be used across Avie's Adventure social media channels.

Content Style

Our goal for lifestyle photos includes expressions of joy, learning, and making a personal connection with our products. In general, content creators should be mindful to use environments with adequate lighting and clear distracting items from the background.

Value Exchange

With approval to participate in the program, we’ll share specific compensation information designed to reward ongoing content creation and engagement. Program members must have a viable PayPal account to receive payment. We consider any payments to be a confidential part of participating in our ambassador program.

Avie’s Adventure Ambassador Application Form

Please email us at if you have any questions.