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Avie, in Avie’s Adventure, is a multicultural character who goes on adventures to explore a world of lessons to be learned. She is accompanied by her friendly butterfly Afo, guided by a futuristic holographic watch and a backpack filled with endless adventurous supplies. Avie is observant and a multilingual who solves problems in each exploration. Her antagonist is later introduced in the series as Ananse the spider, who is popularly known in Ghanaian folk tales as a trickster. Join Avie as she solves each challenge in every new adventure.

Elements of Avie’s Adventure

Original languages: English; Akan (Twi); Spanish

First publication: February 2022 

First book series: Avie’s Adventure: The Very Adventurous Animal Friends ABC from English to Akan (Twi)

Created & Written by: Bithiah Sam Lott

Illustrated by: Benedicta Buatsie 

Character design elements: Digital Watch (Advanced Technology), Backpack (Readiness and Responsibility)