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About The Author


Bithiah Sam Lott is a lifelong inspired learner, who provides academic support for underserved students through her establishment at Back 2 Basic Learning, an academy for K-12 students. Being born in Accra, Ghana, to growing up in the United States, Bithiah’s educational transitions had a significant impact on who she would become today. With 9 years of teaching experience and making strides in the lives of many students, she’s become a recognizable figure in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area, for after school programs.

Bithiah holds a Master of Science degree in Business from Liberty University, Virginia, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, from St. John’s University, New York.

Bithiah utilizes her skills in Technology and Life Science to develop resources to train educators on effective implementation of S.T.E.M. education. Her passion for being an educator, curriculum developer, and a children's book author, aligns with her mission to be a part of the globalization of academic solutions.   

You may follow her on Instagram @Bithiah_Lott and learn more about her academic programs at Back 2 Basic Learning.